A Little Break

I recently took a little break from social media and I have to be honest, it was a nice break. I had been considering it for a while, as it had started consuming my life. I found myself spending a shameful amount of time just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (my vice). I then read THIS blog post by the talented Rebecca Hay, and was instantly inspired to STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE.

Originally I had planned to only take 1 week off, just to test the waters. I was pleasantly surprised that the first week was easier than I expected. One week has now turned into three.

Within those three weeks, I was able to see & appreciate my world in a whole new light.


Windsor, Ontario: Something as simple as taking a 20 minute walk and being outside rejuvenated my spirits and allowed me to acknowledge the Fall beauty around me. 


Montreal, Quebec: I just had to step into the street to snap this photo. I took a quick weekend trip during my social media sabbatical and although this day was particularly cold & rainy, I relished in the stillness & quietness of the streets of Old Montreal. 

So, here are the top 4 things I’ve learned from my mini digital detox:

  1. There’s A Wolrd Outside Your Phone
    I found that because I wasn’t constantly looking down at my phone, I was much more aware of my surroundings. Even something as simple as enjoying my lunch without staring at my phone made it that much enjoyable.
  2. Comparison Is Noise
    Along with the pressure of feeling like I had to be connected at all times, I was constantly comparing myself to my fellow Instagrammers. It seemed like everything they were posting/the projects they were working on were far more exceptional than anything I was working on at the moment, and I was starting to feel a bit meek. I then realized that I was comparing myself to people I had mostly never met, got a grip on reality and sucked it up. Social media should be a tool to show off your loves & passions while encouraging others to do the same.
  3. Sustaining Relationships
    I was able to connect and be more present for the people in my life. I never realized how often I’d ask my husband how his day was, while staring down at my phone. Taking a break from social media allowed me to LOOK UP when speaking to people, and to value our conversations more. 
  4. Taking A Break Is Ok
    Being able to accept the fact that stepping away was OK, was half the battle for me. Realizing that I didn’t need to know everyone’s comings and goings, I didn’t need to read every tweet was somewhat refreshing. Towards the end of the 3 weeks, a quick five-minute check in was all I needed to get up to date with everything I “needed” to know.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed like I was with social media – I encourage you to take a little break. Even if you unplug for just a day, see how it feels. After easing my way back in, I feel inspired with a sense of renewed energy.

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