Ah, Canada – how I love thee! I am so unbelievably grateful my parents immigrated to Canada back in the 70’s to call this beautiful country home. The inclusion of all people, multiculturalism & our undeniable ability to apologize for everything – Canada is truly THE best! And with the country’s 150th Birthday this weekend, I wanted to gather some of my favourite items which showcase the beauty & artistry of some very talented Canadians.

Heading to a #Canada150 party this weekend and still need a hostess gift? Check out my top picks below!

1. Justin T-Shirt – Province of Canada
Whether you’re paying homage to our extremely good looking, forward-thinking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or you’re a fangirl of the Biebs – this ‘Justin’ t-shirt is a perfect way to show your love for two Canadian gems.

2. Canadian Pins – FairGoods
I recently discovered Fairgoods after reading THIS Canadian Living article, and immediately placed an order on their Etsy page. They are a small, dedicated duo from Calgary who create everything from witty eye masks to hilarious ‘jerk balloons’ and these adorable pins which are a nod to some very Canadian staples. I purchased the poutine, the Double Double & the ‘Sorry‘ pins. They are the perfect accessory to your Canadian tuxedo!

3. Grosse & Petite Poutine Bowls – Hugo Didier
I have seen Hugo Didier at several One Of A Kind shows here in Toronto and have always admired his work. He is a Montreal-based ceramic artist who creates beautiful, everyday pieces such as mugs & dishware which inhabit our everyday lives. His ‘Not Made In China’ & ‘Cé Faitte Icitte’ collections can be seen at exclusive specialty shops across the country.  His pieces are made of Canadian porcelain – baked at high temperatures making them both dishwasher & microwave safe!

4. Terrazzo Necklace – DConstruct Jewelry
I am always on the hunt for lovely, unique jewelry that comes with an interesting story. So when I recently discovered DConstruct, a company based out of Manitoba – I was instantly intrigued. Each piece contains a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled material. Their jewelry can range anywhere from pieces of terrazzo, concrete & even resin. I want to order a necklace – but I’m having such a hard time deciding which one to choose!

5. Provincial Pennants – Drake General Store
How fun are these provincial pennants? Purchase as a box set or single, they are a perfect way to represent your country and brighten up any space!

6. Drip Maple Syrup – AGO Store
Ah, Maple syrup – a Canadian’s nectar of the Gods. Is there anything better than pure maple syrup drizzled over a stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning? Yeah, didn’t think so either. While there are more than 8,600 maple syrup businesses in Canada, 91% of the sweet stuff is actually produced in Quebec. There’s a fun fact you can bring to a party! I absolutely love Drip Maple Syrup – as it’s as pure as it can possibly get and comes in 3 different blends. I would drink this stuff if it was socially acceptable!

7. Canadian Mountie Mug – Indigo
How adorable is this Canadian Mountie mug? Such a whimsical way of honoring our men and women in uniform. Add this to my #IndigoFaves!

8. Province of Canada Pillow Cover – Province of Canada
Why not introduce a little Canadiana into your home? These soft gray pillows from Province of Canada are a perfect addition to any cool living area that needs an extra touch of Canada.

9. Terry Fox: His Story – Indigo
Everyone has their favourite Canadian. Terry Fox is mine. I have always been fascinated by his story & have always admired his strength and perseverance. I just love going back and reading about his journey across the country, and all of the lives he touched along the way. I think we can all learn a thing or two from Terry Fox! Who is your favourite Canadian?

10. Point Multistripe Blanket– Hudson Bay Company
Did you really think I wouldn’t include the classic striped blanket from The Hudson Bay Company? This iconic piece is truly a staple in our Canadian heritage. This blanket is 100% wool – which means it’s the perfect addition to those chilly nights at the cottage!

Tell me – how will you be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday? Tweet me @EMontillaDesign and share your plans!

Thanks so much for reading!