Enter: Organization

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are approaching *shudder* the Winter season. Ready or not, it’s coming. So we as Canadians need to buck up, dust off our parkas and get our homes ready for the brutal season ahead. And that begins with our Foyers & Mudrooms. These rooms are the workhorses of our homes. They must stay organized and work for us, not against us – especially with busy families. It’s a lot of pressure for one room, but with the right furniture & accessories in place your mornings will be stress free.

I’ve partnered with Wayfair Canada and selected my top 8 pieces which will keep my Foyer organized day in and day out. I live in a small condo in Toronto so I don’t have a grand Foyer with unlimited storage. My selections were mindful, as I carefully considered function while also choosing beautiful pieces transitional in style. There’s also a special nod to my current favourite colour & a holiday classic, Emerald Green (inspired by THIS video by Studio McGee #Swoon).



  1. Chelmsford Rectangle Wall Mirror – Obviously a staple for any Foyer. A quick check of lipstick and hair before you zip out the door!
  2. 24″ Artificial Iced Pine Cone Wreath – I just loved the simplicity of this wreath & the versatility it gives for you to add whatever colour ribbon you’d like!
  3. Plaid Signature Throw Blanket – I always like to add a little bit of warmth & texture to any space, and your Foyer should be no different! Add a cozy throw blanket in a basket for a layered look.
  4. Decorative Glass & Brass Box – Boxes of varying sizes are always a great way to add some interest & a great spot to catch your necessities like loose change & keys.
  5. Soule Console Table – This console table has a simple yet eye-catching design that is matched with incredible durability. It’s transitional design means it can be styled in so many different ways!
  6. Matchett 25.5″ Table Lamps – I absolutely adore the classic shape of this table lamp, it’s something I will have for years. And it comes in a variety of different colours, so they’re a great way to add a pop of colour to any space.
  7. Attractive Sea Grass Baskets – Baskets are always a great way to add some texture & of course, storage! Throw your mitts, hats & shoes in there – mess be gone!
  8. Hadely Jute Area Rug – Jute rugs are not only incredibly durable, but they provide a nice neutral palette for your decor. The loop construction adds visual and textural dimension.

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