MY IDS2017 Favourites

Happy New Year! Ok it’s January 23rd…I think that window of time where saying ‘Happy New Year’ may have passed by now, but let’s just go with it. I’m going to go ahead and state that I am officially the worst blogger ever. But this work-life balance is hard, ya’ll! Is anyone else in a creative slump? I just haven’t been able to find my ‘groove’ for 2017 yet. I’ll get there. However, I have stock piled a whole wack of blog posts for February and finally starting to become inspired again, so I see myself slowly coming out of this funk.

The fact that the Interior Design Show happened this past weekend certainly helped me gain some much-needed perspective. For those who are living under a rock, IDS is the largest Design trade show in Toronto, where Canada’s premier showcase new products and furniture, superstar designers come together to discuss the years hottest trends & concepts from North America and beyond.

This show keeps getting better with each passing year. While there were several exhibits I loved this year, I’ve narrowed my top four favourites!

1. Nika Zupanc for South Hill Home   2. Lightmaker Studio    3. Surfaces & Co.   4. Jaime Hayon for Caesarstone 

I think it’d be safe to say that Nika Zupanc‘s collaboration with South Hill Home was easily a fan favourite this year. Those clean lines! Those luxurious fabrics! The interesting shapes &  textures…simplicity at it’s finest. Every one of Nika’s pieces tell a story.

One piece in particular that I adored was the Stay Lounge Chair. With it’s oversized, dramatic shape, the interesting tubular legs & distinct contemporary edge – this chair is truly a work of art. “The Stay Family turns everyday seating into a special occasion.” –That could not be any more true. What a special piece.

Lightmaker Studio gets my heart going every year. Their exquisitely-crafted lighting grabs your attention in the most honest way. The free-flowing organic shapes and modern simplicity of their light fixtures are what Designers turn to with every new project. My personal favourite is the Mode Chandlier.

As a Designer I am always on the hunt for unique, jaw-dropping statement tile that stands out from the rest. It is very easy to source the same type of tile for each project if you’re not careful. This is where Surfaces & Co. come in. With an array of stunning tile patterns & materials, any Designer is sure to add some luxury & interest in their clients homes. The company opened it’s first showroom in Montreal and no more than a year later, their Toronto location was realized. Tiles are available in several different customizable scales, colourations and finishes on nearly every available product within their library. How’s THAT for variety!?


The final exhibit that I loved was the collaboration between Artist Jaime Hayon & leading qurtz manufacturer Caesarstone. The installation used over 48 different Caesarstone colours combined with metal and glass, in interesting shapes & whimsical figures. The traditional techniques of stone marquetry mixed with modern elements was truly a thing of beauty. The entire project was inspired by a mix of the natural world & folklore tales. The end result were these oversized pieces of furniture with beautiful stone inlays depicting playful caricatures.

 And there you have it! My highlights of #IDS17. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next years show! Tell me, did you attend IDS this year? If so, what did you think? What was your favourite exhibit? Tweet me @EMontillaDesign and join the conversation!