MAD FOR PLAID: Fashion & Home Decor

Happy Holidays! I hope¬†everyone is lazying around, having major snuggle sessions and feeling all of the Christmas feels! I don’t know about you, but I tend to¬†live in my plaid flannel PJ’s for about 2 weeks straight around the holidays. There’s just no better feeling than having nothing on your agenda, indulging in all the chocolate your heart desires, and being with friends and family. And if there was ever a distinct pattern that represents the holidays perfectly, it’s plaid.

There’s just something about plaid that makes me feel instant warmth, comfort & general ‘at home’ vibes.

So today I’ve rounded up some of my favourite plaid pieces in both Fashion & Home Decor! Enjoy!

1. Ikea Hermine Throw    2. Joe Fresh Shirt   3. Chapters Buffalo Plaid Pillow   4. Wayfair Branchdale Chair   5. Chapters Casserole Dish   6. Kate Spade Plaid Tote 

Here are some other spaces where plaid stole the show!

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the beauty of Rambling Reno‘s custom accent chair made by Barrymore Furniture?! It’s adds both warmth & interest to her space! Click HERE to see the whole construction process of this beaut! Photo Cred: Rambling Reno Blog

I’m just loving this simple buffalo check wrapping paper from Chapters Indigo! Photo Cred: Chapters Indigo

How perfect is this Christmas tree decor by Stephanie Lynn! I just adore how she incorporated black & white buffalo check throughout the ribbon of her tree. And by mixing in a few unexpected patterns in her gift wrap, she creates a fun & whimsical take on traditional holiday decor. To see more of this beautiful tree, click HERE Photo cred: Stephanie Lynn

I hope this post inspires you all to incorporate a little bit more plaid into your holiday decorating!

And from the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family a vert Merry Christmas!



Have Yourself A Canadian Little Christmas: DIY Wreath

I am SO excited to be participating in my first ever Blog Hop! I am collaborating with 7 other talented Canadian bloggers, who are sharing their tips & tricks to get you through the holidays! All participating bloggers will be linked down below Рso be sure to check out their holiday posts as well! 

Well, we are in the thick of the holiday season and I have to say, I’m in the Christmas spirit more than ever! I think it’s because I’ve stepped up my holiday decor this year. It’s taken me a few years to figure out a style & colour scheme, but I think I have finally nailed it down!

Because my condo is fairly neutral with only a few pops of colour, I wanted my holiday decor to reflect that as well. I must admit, I have a slight obsession with anything mercury glass. I just love the sparkle and the little bit of glam it provides, so it was a no-brainer that the tones I chose for my holiday decor were Silver & Gold.

Another aspect that I was very thoughtful of was longevity. Since my husband and I are still (somewhat) newlyweds, I wanted to introduce pieces that we will have for decades to come. Therefore, the scheme had to be timeless.

After nearly 6 years of living together, I realized we have never had a proper wreath. So, after weeks of scouring the seasonal aisles of every big box store, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find¬†exactly what I was looking for. I’m a very indecisive person so I knew going in that this was going to be a struggle. So much to my chagrin, I gave into those 3 magical letters: D.I.Y.

It’s the old rule of “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.¬†And so that’s just what I did. I drove myself¬†down to my local Michaels¬†and started getting inspiration. Almost immediately, I had a plan set in place.

These picks were such a great deal, so I purchased multiples so that I could layer them within the wreath.  

Laying everything out first before gluing the pieces in place ensured that the wreath would look exactly how I planned. 

I added a few mini mercury glass ornaments to add some interest. I know it seems minimal, but I just love the simplicity! 

I’m looking forward to putting this wreath out for years to come. I love the flexibility I have to add or remove items when my tastes change.¬†

Here are some shots of the rest of my home, decorated for the holidays. Again, I usually go very minimal with¬†our decor – just a few touches. We don’t have a full sized tree because well,¬†cats. Every year I say: “Maybe next year we’ll get a tree”,¬†but I just can’t bring myself to deal with the stress of a fallen tree and broken ornaments. Cats are cute, but they are also very curious and can get into everything. So for now I just enjoy our small table top trees.

Tree    Planter    Picture Frame    Terry    Sarah Style   Home

Throw    Media Stand    Frame

Print       Frame      Frame    Picture Ledges

Everything is Gizmo-approved!

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Happy Holidays!


Current IKEA Faves

I recently popped into my local Ikea to do some browsing in between meetings. ¬† Guys – why didn’t anyone tell me that Ikea has been absolutely¬†killing it¬†lately?! It took everything in me to not¬†walk out of the store with every item I saw.

With new collections such as¬†SV√ĄRTAN & the kitchen series VOXTORP, I was like a kid in a candy store. I was a tad overwhelmed with all of the cool pieces everywhere I turned. Everything was just my style, and was right on trend as we head into 2017. Sidenote: shout out to the Designers & visual merchandising¬†team who create these beautiful displays which are constantly evolving.

Below are just a handful of my favourite pieces:

1. Varv Clamp Spotlight
2. Voxtorp Kitchen Series
3. Stockholm Round Mirror
4.¬†SV√ĄRTAN Cushion Cover
5.¬†SV√ĄRTAN Tray Table
6. Stockholm Arm Chair
7. Sanderum Rug

If you haven’t been in an Ikea lately, I highly recommend poking around and get inspired! What are some of your current Ikea faves? Tweet me @EMontillaDesign¬†to let me know!



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Enter: Organization

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are approaching *shudder* the Winter season. Ready¬†or not, it’s coming. So we as Canadians need to buck up, dust off our parkas and get our homes ready for the brutal season ahead. And that begins with our Foyers & Mudrooms. These rooms are¬†the workhorses of our homes. They must stay organized and work¬†for¬†us, not against us – especially with busy families. It’s a lot of pressure for one¬†room, but with the right furniture & accessories in place your mornings will be stress free.

I’ve partnered with Wayfair Canada and selected my top 8 pieces which¬†will keep my Foyer organized day in and day out. I live in a small condo in Toronto so I don’t have a grand Foyer with unlimited storage. My selections were mindful, as I carefully considered function while also choosing beautiful pieces transitional in style. There’s also a special nod to my current favourite colour & a holiday classic, Emerald Green (inspired by THIS video by Studio McGee #Swoon).



  1. Chelmsford Rectangle Wall Mirror¬†–¬†Obviously a staple for any Foyer. A quick check of lipstick and hair before you zip out the door!
  2. 24″ Artificial¬†Iced Pine Cone Wreath –¬†I just loved the simplicity of this wreath & the versatility it gives for you to add whatever colour ribbon you’d like!
  3. Plaid Signature Throw Blanket –¬†I always like to add a little bit of warmth & texture to any space, and your Foyer should be no different! Add a cozy throw blanket in a basket for a layered look.
  4. Decorative Glass & Brass Box –¬†Boxes of varying sizes are always a great way to add some interest & a great spot to catch your necessities like¬†loose change & keys.
  5. Soule Console Table –¬†This console table has a simple yet eye-catching design that is matched with incredible durability. It’s transitional design¬†means it can be styled in so many different ways!
  6. Matchett 25.5″ Table Lamps –¬†I absolutely adore the classic shape of this table lamp, it’s something I will have for years. And it comes in a variety of different colours, so they’re a great way to add a pop of colour to any space.
  7. Attractive Sea Grass Baskets –¬†Baskets are always a great way to add some texture & of course, storage! Throw your mitts, hats & shoes in there – mess be gone!
  8. Hadely Jute Area Rug –¬†Jute rugs are not only incredibly durable, but they provide a nice neutral palette for your decor.¬†The¬†loop construction adds visual and textural dimension.

For more shopping fun click HERE!

Tell me Рwhat is the most important element in your Foyer? Would you consider any of these pieces for your home? Tweet me @EMontillaDesign to join the conversation.






A Little Break

I recently took a little break from social media and I have to be honest, it was a nice break. I had been considering it for a while, as it had started consuming my life. I found myself spending a shameful amount of time just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (my vice). I then read THIS blog post by the talented Rebecca Hay, and was instantly inspired to STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE.

Originally I had planned to only take 1 week off, just to test the waters. I was pleasantly surprised that the first week was easier than I expected. One week has now turned into three.

Within those three weeks, I was able to see & appreciate my world in a whole new light.


Windsor, Ontario: Something as simple as taking a 20 minute walk and being outside rejuvenated my spirits and allowed me to acknowledge the Fall beauty around me. 


Montreal, Quebec: I just had to step into the street to snap this photo. I took a quick weekend trip during my social media sabbatical and although this day was particularly cold & rainy, I relished in the stillness & quietness of the streets of Old Montreal. 

So, here are the top¬†4 things I’ve learned from my mini digital detox:

  1. There’s A Wolrd¬†Outside Your Phone
    I found that because I wasn’t constantly looking down at my phone, I was much more aware of my surroundings. Even something as simple as enjoying my lunch without staring at my phone made it that much enjoyable.
  2. Comparison Is Noise
    Along with the pressure of feeling like I had to be connected at all times, I was constantly comparing myself to my fellow Instagrammers. It seemed like everything they were posting/the projects they were working on were far more exceptional than anything I was working on at the moment, and I was starting to feel a bit meek. I then realized that I was comparing myself to people I had mostly never met, got a grip on reality and sucked it up. Social media should be a tool to show off your loves & passions while encouraging others to do the same.
  3. Sustaining Relationships
    I was able to connect and be more present for the people in my life. I never realized how often I’d ask my husband how his day was, while staring down at my phone. Taking a break from social media allowed me to LOOK UP when speaking to people, and to value our conversations more.¬†
  4. Taking A Break Is Ok
    Being able to¬†accept the fact that¬†stepping away was OK, was half the battle for me.¬†Realizing that I didn’t¬†need to know everyone’s comings and goings, I didn’t¬†need¬†to read every tweet was somewhat refreshing. Towards the end of the 3 weeks, a quick five-minute check in was all I needed to get up to date with everything I “needed” to know.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed like I was with social media – I encourage you to take a little break. Even if you unplug for just a day, see how it feels. After easing my way back in, I feel inspired with a sense of renewed energy.

Tweet me @EMontillaDesign and let me know how it goes!