Colour Study: Shadow

Benjamin Moore has announced ‘Shadow‘ as their Colour of The Year for 2017. As soon as it was revealed, I immediately fell in love. It is rich & regal and definitely has an understated elegance to it. It’s so refreshing to see unexpected, deeper hues gaining recognition rather than the standard navy blue. This is a chic new take on purple. Ahem…I think you can live with purple if you don’t actually call it purple. Eggplant, plum, aubergine, etc etc…Shadow has a smoky, rich quality that adds drama to any space.

Door   Pillow  Flowers   Art   

There are so many complimentary tones that share the same qualities as Shadow. Revere Pewter is one of my all time favourite “greige” colours that is the perfect neutral grey that works in a lot of interiors. It’s cool in temperature but does not have a lilac undertone which can often sway on the feminine side.


Here’s an example of a very luxe interior which incorporates all of these rich tones together. The texture of the grass cloth wallpaper, the subtle use of jewel tones and the high-end furniture all come together to create a beautifully curated space.  IMAGE.

Want to add a little luxe to your Kitchen? Here are my top picks to add some drama to your space:

Paint     Hardware    Stools    Counters    Lighting

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Nautical Inspired Interiors

Nautical interior design is the perfect way to make us feel like the ocean is always near. With elements such as watery blues, soft textures and creamy whites, it’s easy to relax in the comfort of your own home. This style is relaxed, uncomplicated and doesn’t feel too pretentious.

So put your feet up and check out my favourite nautical-inspired spaces!


This bedroom inspires me to spend a lazy Sunday curled up in bed with a good book! It’s bright & airy decor gives off a nonchalant, beachy vibe, while the graphic blue & white stripes on the duvet is a nod to traditional nautical flair. SOURCE

ad2db1ba82ed5e3408aaa6ca31350f85This space doesn’t necessarily scream nautical, but the layers of blues & whites are reminiscent to the water. The varying natural textures used in the space also add warmth & dimension. SOURCE

b8051623ad040ec59db043704787042dThis space is quite nautical in a more literal sense, but the sleek lines of the furniture gives it a modern edge! SOURCE

This classic style can be be seen in not only home decor, but fashion and lifestyle pieces as well! Have a look at my top picks!


1. Nautical Basketweave Blazer  2. The Great Canadian Weekender Bag  3. Paul Hewitt Rose Gold Anchor Bracelet   4. Kate Spade NY Raise A Glass Water Bottle  5. Let’s Sail Away Print